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Wheels within wheels ezekiels vision of the wheel within the wheel. For ezekiels readers, the reason for the destruction of the temple is obvious. Ezekiels first vision began with a great flashing storm cloud coming from the north. Its inspired by michael liebs discussion of ezekiels wheel in the africanamerican folk music tradition, in his extraordinary 1998 book, children of ezekiel. Article the spaceships of the prophet ezekiel by nasa engineer josef f. Ezekiel ministered to a nation experiencing judgment for their sins, and may have some lessons for us today. In ezekiels visions, hes transported back to jerusalem, which is the real geographical center of the book. First of all, he brought judgement to them, but at the end of all the judgements that he pronounces upon the people of. The victorious and abundant life through the knowledge of god327chapters 2548 the holiness of god demands judgment of sin. The purpose of the visions was to get ezekiel to preach with vigor the. If this is a reference to ezekiels age at the time, he was born around 622 bce, about the time of josiahs reforms, and shortly after the call of. The book of ezekiel is the third of the latter prophets in the tanakh and one of the major prophetic books in the old testament, following isaiah and jeremiah. Video, music, photos, movies, websites for book of ezekiel. The message of the book has an inner consistency that fits in with the logical arrangement.

The four faces the meaning of the four faces of the four living creatures. Pdf earlier research has demonstrated that certain ambiguous angelological phrases which hint at divinatory associations present in mt ezek 1 and 10. It has come full circle, seeing the future temple rebuilt, and the shekinah glory reentering the temple. Patents issued to blumrich full text and images about blumrich biography of blumrich loads more than the book. In april 2000, i was caught up in the lords presence and had a vision of the swirlings of god. The book of ezekiel is the third of the books of the major prophets, coming after the books of isaiah and jeremiah in the christian canon. The three major prophets isaiah, jeremiah, ezekiel and zephaniah all have the same basic sequence of messages. He notices the redhot radiatorglowing coalschapter 1, verse. The prophet ezekiel is one of four major prophets along with isaiah, jeremiah, and daniel in hebrew scripture, our old testament of the bible. Ezekiels mission to the judean exiles in babylon was to prepare them for the greatest crisis in the history of yahwehs covenant people.

There are other dimensions of reality that have been written about in many ancient texts besides the bible. A commentary on the book of ezekiel southside christian. Compared to the other prophets, ezekiel was asked to perform the greatest number of startling, dramatic, symbolic feats to communicate gods message. His book is known for its precise time and historical references. Apart from identifying himself, the author gives a date for the first divine encounter which he presents. The book of ezekiel stands in the english bible fourth among the major prophets. The center point is the fall of jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, announced in 24. You will learn facts about ezekiels wheel in the middle of a wheel that youve never heard before.

These wheels were associated with the four living creatures ezekiel 1. You can also read the full text online using our ereader. In doing so, i mentioned that i thought it had something to do with astrologyastronomy. This book concludes that the passage shown above wasnt the whole story. What we have come to here, from ezekiels point of view, is the climax of the book. Its principal features are its systematic arrangement and homogeneity. On the fifth day of the month it was the fifth year of king jehoiachins exile.

This classic african american spiritualperformed here by none other than satchmo himselfpays tribute to ezekiels chariot vision from the very first chapter of the book. Ezekiels vision of the four wheels dramatically illustrates the omnipresence and omniscience of god. Ezekiel 1 was chosen as the haftarah for the first day of shavuot, 1 as it picks up on the theme of divine revelation, which is what the festival celebrates. This is the holy book of ezekiel, known as the book of the prophet ezekiel. One facet is the rings were full of eyes ezekiel 1. Aliens, ufos, the crisis of race, and the advent of end. The outcome of apostasy is that god shows no pity v.

For book spaceships of ezekiel for book appendix about the bible textual phrase analysis are blumrichs text interpretations valid. What is the role and function of the in the book of ezekiel. Ezekiel, theology of bakers evangelical dictionary of. This book of ezekiel begins, then, with a mystic vision of god. Get your free copy of the united states and great britain in prophecy here.

The book of the prophet ezekiel below you will find passages from the king james version of the bible regarding ezekiels wheel. This is, in my opinion, the best and most beautiful recording. The appearance of their workings was, as it were, a wheel in the middle of a wheel. This commentary is based upon my personal devotional notes and reflections on the book of ezekiel. What significance does it have for you personally in these end times. The prophet describes massive visions of gods spiritual forces in action behind the scenes and blueprints for the. The book of ezekiel is the third of the latter prophets in the tanakh and one of the major. A commentary on the book of ezekiel by pastor galen l. He engages in startling symbolic activities to teach gods people. The book of ezekiel contains some of the most incredible prophecies in the bible, including detailed description of a nuclear war and the cleanup afterward. Best viewed at 800x600 to approximate the original layout, or download a reconstructed pdf.

Since eyes are for seeing, and man is made in the likeness of god genesis 1. It is a great, gushing, mighty torrent of life coming out from under the throne of god. In the first part of ezekiel chapters 124, we heard of the bad news. There are two more wheel facets that are described. This book is available for free download in a number of formats including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. Evidently, each wheel that ezekiel saw was, in effect, two wheels combined, with one wheel set at right angles to the other and sharing the same vertical axis. In the previous post, i asserted my position that ezekiels vision was not a spacecraft. God used the events of ezekiels life to teach his people and all people that he is the only true god. Ezekiel was a prophet of judgement but, you know, ezekiel was more than a prophet of judgement because he brought hope to gods people. In fact, this theory proved so convincing to one nasa scientist, josef blumrich 192002, that he wrote a whole book on it, including specs outlining how such. Originally published as part of the bible study textbook series by college press. In the future, he will bring things to pass that will teach people. Indeed, ezekiel said that the sound emanating from the wings of the four cherubim was as the voice of the almighty, the voice of speech ezek 1.

Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go. Like many other prophets, ezekiel includes a series of oracles against the nations in his book 25. But the love of god provides a way for our salvation. From chapter 1 to 24 ezekiels message is destructive and. The recording is dramatized, from the king james bible. According to blumrich, the whole chapter was a detailed description of an encounter with an ufo. According to the book itself, it records six visions of the prophet ezekiel, exiled in babylon, during the 22 years from 593 to 571 bc, although it is the product of a long and complex history and does not necessarily preserve the very. The water of life and other sermons full online book. It is useless to try to ignore ezekiels vision of the wheel, for the make and the destructive work of the wheel was foretold before it came to pass. The priest ezekiel was the first prophet to be called by the lord outside of israel during the babylonian captivity. With his wife he went to babylonia as an exile in 597 at the age of twentysix. Read the passages yourself and come to your own conclusions. Thousands of years ago, ezekiel recorded warnings and pro.

Pdf generated using haiola and xelatex on 11 jan 2020 from source files dated 28 aug. Ezekiel saw a human form that shines as if with fire hebrew. Doughty southside christian church december 2014 introduction. In that sense, we are at the climax of ezekiels book. Ezekiels all about locationso much so that theres a series of chapters 4042 that do little more than describe the precise measurements of every single area in the future rebuilt temple. Ezekiel 1 is the first chapter of the book of ezekiel in the hebrew bible or the old testament of. Now it came to pass, as i was among the captives by the river of chebar, that the heavens were opened, and i saw visions of god. John was caughtup into heaven and shown the future to write in a book, the book of revelation. Pdf the book of ezekiel 2018 edition gary everett, mdiv dmin. To encourage the exiles to remain faithful to the lord so that he would fulfill his offer to restore them to the promised land and rebuild the temple and jerusalem to new heights of glory. Ezekiels vision preached before the queen at windsor, june 16, 1864. One use, old even in ezekiels time was the potters wheel. Overview of the book of ezekiel third millennium ministries. Ezekiels name means god strengthens, or god will str.

Discover what ezekiels wheel was, what the abomination of desolation is, what the prophecy of the fig tree truly means and why these things terrify those ruling the world today. Wheel fulfillment of ezekiels prophecy of the wheels. In revelation three, jesus speaks of this doorway to heaven, this energybased stargate. Now as i looked at the living creatures, behold, a wheel was on the earth beside each living creature with its.

The author of the book of ezekiel presents himself as ezekiel, the son of buzzi, born into a priestly lineage. Is ezekiels vision of the wheel evidence of ufos in the bible. The book of ezekiel opens and concludes with visions of the glory of god. The holy bible book 26 ezekiel kjv dramatized audio. The book of ezekiel revelation research foundation.

Besides clarity of structure, the book of ezekiel reveals symmetry. Mcquates book understanding ezekiels wheel in a wheel. A series of studies in the old testament book of ezekiel. Meaning of ezekiels wheel within wheel bible study. Ezekiels famous vision of the divine throne above the four living creatures with their wheels within wheels contains all the elements of lightning, fire, a whirlwind, and great noise that typically attend the great revelations of gods word. In no other book is this pattern clearer than in ezekiel see outline. Find out for the first time what ezekiels wheel really was in dr. Paxeon publishing understanding ezekiels wheel in a wheel. Beside each living creature is a wheel within a wheel, with tall and awesome rims full of eyes all around.

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